It’s 2020 And We’re Still Shaming Women’s Stretch Marks

I’ve had stretch marks since late middle school. One day they weren’t there, and the next day, I had little white lines all over my hips. I hit puberty later than most of the girls in my class, but when it hit, it hit. My legs were long, like country-song long, and the stretch marks were proof of my fast and furious growth.

I wanted to get rid of them as quickly as they had appeared. The teen magazines—as well as my mom’s magazines—promised me all sorts of miracle creams. Unfortunately, I was only in eighth grade with no income, so I had to just deal. As I got older, and now as a woman in my late thirties, I couldn’t care less about my stretch marks. Apparently, however, society is still publicly shaming women for having normal bodies, which might include stretch marks, cellulite, or skin

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