September 27, 2023


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Brand love runs through the head, the heart and the stomach

If corporations seriously want to achieve consumers, they have to have to purpose for their heads, hearts and stomachs, for the reason that in a digital world, shoppers extended for link extra than ever.

Male will become media

In the analogue earth, matters were being easy: retail was confined to a single channel, the store. Aside from a several mail-order catalogues, the actual physical shop was all their was. All retailers had to do was to warranty adequate promotion and visibility through mass media these as newspapers, door-to-doorway magazines, posters, radio and tv, right after which customers came flocking to the outlets. The formula for results was effective, unambiguous and standard: open a store – promote – market.

Now, the mass media are outdated and we come across ourselves in a new, diverse and fragmented landscape. Additionally, person himself has turn into media. Indeed, today it is not newspaper adverts that pique people’s curiosity about a brand name, but John and Mary’s social media posts that influence their community of close friends, and normally like-minded ‘peers’/followers, by proudly posing with their new bike/backpack/meal box. The customer becomes a strolling billboard, whose Instagram followers are the passing cars and trucks of aged.

Head, coronary heart and tummy

If guys and ladies are the medium, how do you reach them as a brand name? How do you link them to your retailers? In today’s complicated actuality, individuals are additional than at any time torn involving head, coronary heart and abdomen. The head is synonymous with digitalisation, rationale and details: it ensures on the internet and repeat purchases, rational selections and basic industry segmentation dependent on socio-demographic data.

It would appear that digitalisation is growing people’s environment, as if they have far more electric power and liberty than at any time. Even so, their planet is shrinking as the big know-how players have taken in excess of their heads. In fact, Google, Meta and other folks are not only monitoring them everywhere with cookies and advertising and marketing, they are also making a ‘tunnel vision’: the intellect is trapped in a tunnel of personalised details, ordeals and ‘tailored’ procuring ideas. Contrary to well-liked belief, the shopper has basically shed overview and independence.

This is specifically why folks have these kinds of a excellent will need for relationship, human engagement and emotions (coronary heart) in this digitalized planet. The heart seeks out areas to meet and join, this sort of as athletics, cafés, vacation and also retailers. Like church buildings, stores engage in the dual role of meeting areas and shop windows, places the place individuals can go at any time and exactly where they can truly feel and experience the brand name. In promoting, the heart signifies existence and thoughts instead than compartmentalisation.

Beneath the head and coronary heart lies the belly. It cares minor for the tensions of the other overall body parts, as long there is plenty of to consume and consume. The abdomen stands for impulsiveness and convenience, but it also reveals – literally – how food items is the foundation and driver of shopping for behaviour. All in all, it is the stomach that pulls the strings.

Attaining heart and belly share

For stores, it is specially essential to attraction to the head, heart and belly of buyers. The head is won with info, ease of use, price and technological efficiency. But potentially retailers and manufacturers ought to handle the belly and heart more, considering that the head is presently in the palms of the tech giants. The heart is gained with services, a particular connection and an unforgettable practical experience. This is primarily accurate in a quickly ageing world in which loneliness prevails. People are longing for real relationship.

It is no coincidence that blurring is gaining ground in non-foodstuff retail: outfits outlets are opening espresso corners, home furnishings retailers are getting to be eating places, and equipment stores are presenting cooking courses. Plainly, they are aiming their arrows at the stomach, that basic motor of the human remaining. At the similar time, product sales of non-food merchandise in the food retail sector are slowing down, forcing supermarkets to reinvent by themselves. They are also aiming to charm even a lot more to the stomach by concentrating on food items services, be it a sushi stand or new foods on wheels.

Towns, far too, are places of the coronary heart and abdomen, where by individuals truly feel they belong to a local community, want to meet up with other like-minded persons and are looking for foods in just about every feeling of the word. Metropolitan areas and towns can take inspiration from Ikea, for illustration, which has established up genuine urban farms and neighbourhood marketplaces in Sweden to uncover expertise via hearts and stomachs. Ikea understands only far too well that heading by way of the head, coronary heart and tummy offers a distinctive link with the ‘consumer’, a relationship that can last a life time.

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