June 2, 2023


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Make no mistake, lots of fashion brands are still size shaming women like me

Jigsaw was quick to respond, with a spokesperson stating that “due to the size of our range, we don’t always display all sizes in all styles on the shop floor. That is not to say we only put smaller sizes on the shop floor, far from it. We may have an 8 and a 10 in one style, and a 6 and a 16 in another style. This way our customers can see the range of styles that we offer rather than fewer styles in more sizes.”

That may be the case, but Kleinman isn’t alone in experiencing this kind of size-shaming. I see it all over the high street. I find myself wanting to try a beautiful maxi dress, of which there is only a size 8 and 10  on the rail, and end up feeling like an outsider when I have to ask a sales attendant to retrieve my size that’s simply too enormous to warrant display. The fashion world talks a lot about inclusivity, but the sizing issue is still one that it is struggling to wrap its head around. 

More confusing still is the potential spending power of women like me. You don’t need a business degree to do the maths here: if the majority of the women in this country wear a size 16, surely a shift towards stocking larger sizes in greater quantities in bricks and mortar shops up and down the country is a no-brainer?