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The next big step for Toyota’s digital SmartPath digital retail software

While several automakers and dealer vendors quickly ramped up their digital retailing efforts as COVID-19 struck the U.S. industry early last year, their approaches differed greatly, as did the depth of their penetration into a purchase transaction. Some work more as internal lead generators, others expedite finance applications or allow cross-shopping between dealerships.

Toyota’s approach is very dealer-centric, explains Tim Bliss, general manager for retail transformation at Toyota Motor North America and the man leading the in-house development of SmartPath. One example: A prospective buyer can look at the inventory of only one dealer at a time.

“The biggest piece to really get this up and running was building that real-time inventory integration with the dealer’s DMS system, and that’s really the key to the whole platform,” Bliss explained. Pricing, incentives and availability update automatically.

When a consumer looking for a new Toyota lands on one of the web pages,

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BRAUN: COVID has changed grocery shopping in a big way

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Mintel Global Market Research noted that COVID has helped break old grocery shopping habits and create new ones.

A recent industry report on the world o’ groceries shows how even the toughest customers to adapt to online grocery shopping — seniors — have done so, many inspired by safety concerns.

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Another change is that COVID will likely keep Gen Z (those aged 18-24) home with their parents a little longer for economic reasons; this is the time for grocers to start creating a positive brand association with that demographic.

Luckily, those young people will remember which grocery chains were mean-spirited enough to take back the extra COVID pay they initially gave frontline workers.

Canada’s aging population means that “senior shopping hours” and other health adjustments made for COVID may continue at grocery stores into the future — even

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The Big Business of Veneers

What follows is a mostly comprehensive explanation of the process involved in manufacturing and installing the ideal human smile.

The practice of cosmetic dentistry unfolds in myriad ways every day, but for the purposes of this overview we will imagine the process from the perspective of the kind of person who is more likely than the average American to be in the market for veneers or other in-mouth improvements: somebody affluent, between the ages of 40 and 49, and female. Let’s call this character Mrs. Dalloway.

After decades of exposure to the gorgeous, face-flattering smiles ubiquitous among America’s celebrity population — the ones that dentists have been crafting since the advent of Hollywood but have only recently become grocery commodities that regular American people can go out and buy for themselves — Mrs. Dalloway decides to get her teeth done. Luckily, she is already surrounded by a dense cosmetic

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Fashion’s Big Lifestyle Push

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LONDON — Fashion has always flirted with homeware, but COVID-19, an accelerator for many industry trends, has pushed the category to new heights.

Lockdown has forced some fashion diehards to swap their outfit-of-the-day photos for interior-of-the-day ones, filling their homes with fantastical tablescapes, Gucci pillows and Anissa Kermiche’s tongue-in-cheek Body Language vases.

“People used to only think about how to dress to impress, but they now need to dress their homes, which became accessible to many more virtual eyes. That has undeniably helped [build] our brand awareness on Instagram: Everyone was posting their favorite item and a community was born, without the need to run a marketing campaign,” said Anissa Kermiche, whose ceramics, shaped to resemble women’s body parts. have become one of Instagram’s latest sensations.

According to Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, the former creative director of Dior Maison and cofounder of luxury design

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