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Tunisians protest arrests; government faces confidence vote

Tunisian activists are marching on parliament Tuesday as lawmakers vote on a new government, following a week of national tensions over poverty and lack of jobs

TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisians are marching on their heavily guarded parliament Tuesday as lawmakers vote on a new government, after a week of youth protests and riots over poverty and lack of jobs that left one young demonstrator dead and hundreds jailed.

Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi announced a government reshuffle last week in the midst of the unrest. He promised Tuesday that the new team would concentrate on deep reforms to create jobs and improve living conditions in the North African country, which has been mired in economic crisis deepened by the coronavirus pandemic.

But four of his 11 proposed new Cabinet members are facing investigations or suspicions of

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This L.A. native is bringing beauty and glam to women in need: ‘It’s a confidence booster’

Good People” profiles everyday individuals who are bettering the lives of those in need and improving their communities.

Shirley Raines founded “Beauty 2 The Streetz” to empower those in need, using her cosmetic skills to bring confidence to struggling people in places like Skid Row, a particularly impoverished area of downtown Los Angeles.

“I didn’t know about homelessness,” Raines told In The Know. “I thought all they wanted was shelter and food.”

Raines, a mother of six who hails from Long Beach, Calif., says she was spurred to found her company following the death of her son in 1990.

“I was broken, I didn’t have any goals, I had nothing. I thought life was just sad,” she explained. “And then a friend suggested one day I go out and feed the homeless with them, and it was just like a missing piece of my life just

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