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Meet The Designers Tackling Fashion’s Plus-Size Accessories Problem Head-On

The towering walls of chokers and bracelets at H&M and the sleek boots lining the floors at Zara have one infuriating thing in common: These accessories are not made for plus-size people. A straight-size shopper rarely blinks before tossing a set of shiny gold rings in their cart at checkout or zipping up pairs of knee-high boots to find the perfect fit. But for the plus-size consumer, the frustration of shopping in general is compounded when you’re not only alienated from the clothing racks, but from rings and belt bags, too.

If the severe lack of plus-size accessories is shocking to you, take this moment to check your privilege. The fashion industry has historically alienated anyone above a size 12, despite the fact that this group makes up the majority of the U.S. Thankfully, the number of brands offering extended sizes in clothing has grown tremendously, and the plus-size

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Fashion’s Big Lifestyle Push

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LONDON — Fashion has always flirted with homeware, but COVID-19, an accelerator for many industry trends, has pushed the category to new heights.

Lockdown has forced some fashion diehards to swap their outfit-of-the-day photos for interior-of-the-day ones, filling their homes with fantastical tablescapes, Gucci pillows and Anissa Kermiche’s tongue-in-cheek Body Language vases.

“People used to only think about how to dress to impress, but they now need to dress their homes, which became accessible to many more virtual eyes. That has undeniably helped [build] our brand awareness on Instagram: Everyone was posting their favorite item and a community was born, without the need to run a marketing campaign,” said Anissa Kermiche, whose ceramics, shaped to resemble women’s body parts. have become one of Instagram’s latest sensations.

According to Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, the former creative director of Dior Maison and cofounder of luxury design

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