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How Molly-Mae Hague has spent $8k REVERSING cosmetic procedures to look more ‘natural’

MOLLY-MAE Hague has been getting a lot of her cosmetic procedures reversed recently as she embarks on a journey to achieve a more ‘natural’ look. 

Experts have estimated that the social media influencer, 21, has spent over £8,000 on regular procedures and is now paying thousands to have them reversed. 

Molly Mae recently revealed that she had her lip fillers dissolved


Molly Mae recently revealed that she had her lip fillers dissolved Credit: Instagram

She is believed to have had her lip filler and jaw filler reversed as well as being in the process of having her veneers or composite bonded pearly whites ‘toned down’. 

It has been estimated that Molly-Mae could have spent over £6,000 on injecting filler and removal procedures and at least another £2,000 on her teeth. 

According to cosmetic surgeons, lip fillers can cost up to £500 per ml and last around six months – so Molly-Mae could have forked out up to £6,000 over the

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‘Millions of men’ are turning to cosmetic procedures under pandemic pressure

Man receives injection in forehead - getty
Man receives injection in forehead – getty

Much has been documented about the impact of lockdown on women, from stress induced aged complexions to sudden spikes in self-consciousness, but a new study has found that these effects are not exclusive to women alone. 

According to a new body of research by cosmetic treatment specialists Uvence, a huge proportion of men believe they have aged more during lockdown than any other time in their lives. The study of 1,000 British men found 11 percent feel that they look at least five years older as a result of the stress and anxiety brought on by pressures of lockdown and the pandemic, while 29 percent reported visible signs of stress and premature ageing, particularly around the eyes.

As a result, many are turning to cosmetic procedures in a bid to reverse the damage. Uvence reports that almost two million men across the

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Why Men Are Turning to Cosmetic Procedures for a Competitive Edge in the Boardroom

Not long ago, a successful Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur decided to make a risky new investment he’d been toying with for years. “I’d just hit 50 and sold my second company,” he recalls. “I looked at myself and thought, I have another 20 years of work in front of me, so I’m going to go do this now.”

Marc paid $25,000 for a lower face-lift and a nose job. (His name and those of the other patients who spoke to Robb Report have been changed at their request.) “One of the best investments I’ve made,” he says. Unlike other investments in Marc’s career, this one was a closely guarded secret, known only to his doctor, wife, brother—and now you.

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Nine out of 10 cosmetic procedures in the US are performed on women. Yet to Marc and a growing number of high-flying men, nips, tucks and

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