July 19, 2024


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The Armani Empire

Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy. He originally trained in medicine and then went to train in photography. Unfortunately Giorgio in 1957 was called up to do National Service with the Italian army as was compulsory for all Italian nationals at the time. After 3 years of national service Giorgio started his career in the fashion industry by joining well known Italian fashion house called Nino Cerrati. He worked at Nino for just under 9 years until 1970 and left to work as a designer for himself. However, it wasn’t until 1974 that he set up the Armani brand.

Since then a number of alternative Armani labels have been conceived, each with a difference.

Armani Exchange was initially created in 1991 to be Armani’s inexpensive range and was soon very popular with the masses due to how cheap the products were. Interests grew at such a rate there is now 63 boutiques in the USA and 47 internationally. Prices for Armani Exchange have rose steadily over the years since 1991 and it is no longer as popular as it initially was.

Armani Casa is a collection of furniture and home furshings which shows how successful the Armani brand is. Recently an Armani arm chair sold for over $1950 in New York!

Armani Jeans is the by far the most popular brand in the UK with sales extremely high in both London and the North West (particularly Manchester & Liverpool). The most poplular styles are the J16 and J31 range which retail for over £120 in boutiues across the UK.

Armani Junior features clothing for children in both male and female.

Emporio Armani was introduced as part of the brand as a youthful inspired line that markets to young adults. The success of this brand in the USA has been exceptional and continues to be the best seller in the USA. Nowdays this is the least expensive of the Armani range.

Armani Collezioni is aimed at young high fliers and professionals. Popular within the city of London as the collection is workwear such as tailored suits, it is the most expensive of all the brands.

Along with all the other designer fashion houses Armani now has a cosmetics collection which forms a significant part of the turnover of the Armani brand. This includes the skin care range and fragrance range including male and female range.

Finally Armani has made a massive diversification into the bar/cafe market and now has over 14 bar/cafes in the Europe/Asia area with the Armani bar in Hong Konk being the most popular.

In March 2007 Giorgio Armani informed the media that he was willing to sell the famous trademarks to the Armani Brand and this will surely spark a bidding war.