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Why you should buy thrift clothes more often Eve woman

 Thrift shopping  is one of the most popular activities people enjoy doing (Photo: Courtesy)

Thrift shopping is a big culture here in Kenya and in many other parts of the world too. It’s an activity that caters to everybody’s needs whether you’re looking for some items for your home, toys for the kids and many other different items.

Thrift shopping for clothes is specifically one of the most popular activities that many people enjoy doing. If you’ve never really been interested in grabbing a couple of pieces for your wardrobe, here are five reasons that might convince you to try it out soon:

Thrift shopping is great because there is something for everybody, literally. You can get everything from modern trendy pieces that are in style right now, all the way to vintage items that you wouldn’t ordinarily find at the stores that sell new clothes.

Thrift shopping caters to your specific style interests and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in one market, you can be sure to find it in another without struggling.

 With thrifts comes affordability and variety (Photo: Courtesy)

It’s frustrating to think you’re slaying in something unique until you run into someone wearing the exact same thing. These situations happen more often when you shop for new clothes because there are multiples of the same item.

With thrift shopping though, it’s different. Most items are very unique and it would really hard to come across someone with the exact same item you have.

This is great because you can have your own unique collection of pieces in your wardrobe instead of having the same monotonous pieces that everyone is wearing aka Kenya uniform.

Affordability is probably the main reason why thrift shopping enthusiasts love to shop in these stores and markets. It’s the perfect way to revamp your closet while you’re on a budget, which is a pocket-friendly approach to shopping.

Even if you find an item that is a bit pricey at a thrift store, it might be better than paying the extra cash for something new and expensive that still looks basic.

 Items are of high quality fabric not to mention amazing designs (Photo: Courtesy)
  • You can get high quality items

Thrifted clothes aren’t necessarily bad quality. In fact, many of them are actually better in quality as compared to new items.

Some new items have been stitched carelessly with cheap material so just because something is new doesn’t mean that it’s more superior in quality. You just have to train your eye to spot some great quality pieces while you’re thrift shopping and these pieces can serve you for years.

  • You might run into designer items

It’s common to come across original designer items at thrifting spots. You will even be surprised at how affordable they are as compared to the original pieces and these are some of the perks of shopping for thrifted clothes.

Although these designer items don’t look as perfect as new ones fresh from the store, you can still find a couple that are in really good shape. You can be the proud owner of a few designer items if you learn to look in the right places.

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