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10 Tips To Make Thrift Shopping Easier & Find Hidden Gems

Theft shopping has taken off in the last few years in a completely new way: digital. From platforms like Depop and Poshmark, you can find just about any second-hand item from the comfort of your phone.

Do you know how those pieces get up on the app? The side-hustlers who sell second-hand clothes go down to the thrift stores and buy them for a fourth of the price you are paying.

If you want to really get the deals on great pieces, you need to get into thrifting. Thrifting and buying second-hand clothes is sustainable plus a fun way to find unique pieces that not everyone is wearing right now.

Don’t get overwhelmed by walking into a thrift store, use these 10 tips to find the hidden treasures and make thrifting fun and easy.


10 Know What You Are Looking For

The same as when you go shopping in retail stores, you always want to have an idea of what you are looking for. This is a smart method to avoid overspending or buying things that you don’t actually need. Stick to your list, and if you happen to stumble across an unexpected gem then make sure you account for it in your statement pieces.

If you are in the market for a jean jacket or a mini skirt, have an idea of what you want – but don’t be limited to only those sections! The key is to look everywhere.

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9 Look In All The Sections

A mistake that many veteran thrifters make is sticking to limited sections, the key is to look everywhere even the men’s section and the floor. If you are looking for a mini skirt, don’t just look in the skirt section, a skirt could have fallen off the rack or be in the return rack after someone tried it on.

Know what you are looking for, but look everywhere.

8 Look At The Rack Near The Dressing Rooms

In a thrift store, then return to the rack, rack, might not get filtered through as often because people are used to not touching those items in a retail store. In a thrift store, anything goes.

Think about it, it is the most curated part of the store as they are the items that people picked out of the rest and just didn’t end up buying.

7 Check For Snags & Stains

The only downside to thrifting is you have to be careful sometimes, you don’t want to go home with an item that has stains or snags. While some stains you can actually get out, not all of them do in reality.

Snags are also a recipe for disaster unless you know how to sew! If you do have a home remedy up your sleeve, do try to get a discount for the damage.

6 Get YK2 Gold In The Lingerie Section

With Yk2 fashion trending hard, you will be happy to know there are a lot of hidden gems in this aesthetic awaiting you at the thrift store. Get cute lacy tops in the lingerie area, or even a slip dress.

You can try the children’s section for some crops or colorful pieces, just be aware of the size difference.

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5 Try To Go During The Week

On the weekend thrift stores are often full of Saturday strollers and folks meeting up with their friends. Avoid the crowds if you can by going during the week, plus you might get lucky and arrive just as a new shipment of items does.

The more people, the fewer gems, so find a time that is less crowded.

4 Only Buy What You Love

Just like when you buy new, don’t get overwhelmed and buy something that you aren’t in love with. If you are on the fence about it, it is likely to not get worn often. Ask yourself if you love it before buying it.

Don’t get stressed that you won’t be able to find anything similar, when you find the right item for your closet you will know.

3 Try It On First

Do try things on before buying, it might look different on, especially as it is second-hand and could have different wear than new items. This is helpful for determining if you love it, or if it is a pass.

2 Shoes, Jeans, Bags & Jackets

Shoes, bags, jackets and jeans can be some of the best finds at a thrift store because they are usually well kept and have just the perfect amount of worn-in aesthetic. You might find your perfect winter coat or a leather jacket with a price tag of next to nothing.

The same with shoes and bags, do check the condition buy you are sure to find some gems in these sections.

1 Be In The Right Mood

Do go thrift shopping when you are in the right mood, as it does take an artful eye to find exactly what you are looking for. If you aren’t in the right mood, you will pass up on all the good items.

Go when you are in the mood for the hunt and excited to be creative in the thrift store.

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