May 19, 2024


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5 Ways to Spend Less When Shopping on Amazon

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Amazon Prime membership prices may be increasing, but here are five ways to save money on your next Amazon purchase.

Key points

  • Amazon Prime membership fees have increased, but you can still save money when shopping through Amazon.
  • These money-saving tips may help you spend less money when placing your next Amazon order.
  • Looking for coupons and refurbished products are just two ways you can save.

There’s no denying that Amazon makes life more convenient. Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not, you probably do some of your online shopping on Amazon. If you’re looking for ways to trim your spending, these tips may help you save money without giving up your Amazon spending. Check out these five easy ways to spend less when shopping on Amazon.

1. Clip coupons to get discounts on eligible items

You may be familiar with traditional paper coupons, but did you know you can use virtual coupons when shopping on Amazon? While coupons aren’t available for all products, they do exist, and they’re fast to “clip.”

If an item you’re buying has an eligible coupon, it will be displayed next to the product details. Click the checkbox to clip the coupon, and a discount will be applied when you check out.

You can browse all available coupons through Amazon’s Coupons page.

2. Trade-in old electronics for gift cards

Do you have old electronics taking up space in your home? Amazon will pay you to trade in your used electronic devices. You will receive an Amazon gift card in exchange for your electronic device, which could make your next Amazon purchase less expensive.

Eligible devices include tablets, wireless routers, home security devices, streaming media players, cell phones, and gaming systems — to name a few. Take a look at Amazon’s Trade-In program to see if you have a qualifying device.

3. Shop refurbished products

Speaking of trading in used electronics, did you know that you can also buy like-new refurbished products through Amazon? You can purchase refurbished phones, computers, appliances, office products, and more.

Products are slightly used, but they still work well. All items sold through the Amazon Renewed program are tested to make sure they work and look like new. You may be able to save money on an item you’ve been planning to buy.

4. Use Subscribe and Save for products you buy regularly

You may be using Amazon to order essential household items on a routine basis, such as toilet paper, garbage bags, vitamins, or dishwasher detergent.

You can save money on these expenses by setting up automatic shipments through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. This service gives online shoppers a way to save money and ensure they don’t forget to order must-have household items before they run out.

Subscribers can enjoy a discount of up to 15% with auto-delivery. Here’s how the savings work:

  • You can save up to 10% when you receive one to four products in one auto-delivery to one address.
  • You can save up to 15% when you receive five or more products in one auto-delivery to one address.

5. Shop Amazon’s outlet deals to score big savings

Amazon sells overstock and discounted products at low prices through its Amazon Outlet program. The savings are similar to those found at traditional outlet stores, but you can get great deals without leaving your home. Since there are many products available, this is an excellent way to save money.

As you may already know, the Amazon Prime membership price has increased. While you may have to pay a higher price to take advantage of the many Amazon Prime perks, these tips may help you spend less money as you fill up your shopping cart.

By making a few small changes in your daily life, you may be able to keep more money in your bank account. For additional money-saving tips, take a look at these personal finance resources.

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