April 24, 2024


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7 Fashion Brands That Are Raising Mental Health Awareness

If there’s one thing we know about the ever-evolving world of the fashion industry, it’s an effortless ability to transcend creativity into powerful change. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health disparities have increasingly been on the rise. According to a recent study conducted by Mental Health America, more than 2.5 million youth in the U.S. have severe depression, and multiracial youth are at the greatest risk. Loneliness, isolation and social media are a few factors that have had a direct impact on mental health in recent years and are starting to create a new widespread conversation for changing how we embrace mental health awareness within our daily routine.

With style being a critical aspect of self-expression, individuality and self-identity, fashion brands are taking matters into their hands by destigmatizing mental health issues and debunking toxic positivity, which is neither helpful nor effective when it comes to understanding self-awareness. “One thing, that I would say, every single individual I’ve ever worked with has brought in is anxiety,” said Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist Dr. Ramami Durvasula to Vogue.” “One of the most important things is to destigmatize all mental health issues, particularly anxiety, because a lot of people think they’re alone with this.”

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re informing you of seven fashion brands that are helping spread important conversations through fly garments.

Museum of Peace & Quiet

Committed to helping you balance a healthy state of mind, the Museum of Peace & Quiet gives you the solace you may need these days. Founded by Ashley and Christion Lennon, the unisex label serves minimal, earth-friendly aesthetics that are designed to promote mindfulness, tranquility and interconnectedness with nature’s elements.

Naked Cashmere x evolvetogether

Founded by Leslie and Bruce Gifford, Naked Cashmere is built on the core values of responsibility, humanity, diversity and clean silhouettes. The brand recently partnered with evolvetogether, a sustainable eco-conscious brand, to highlight mental health awareness through mask-wearing. For every set of masks shipped, Naked Cashmere will donate $5 to Silence the Shame, a nonprofit organization that provides mental health education and awareness to the masses.


Launched in 2017, Madhappy has a set vision to destigmatize mental health and create more conversations surrounding it. “While we are not experts or medical professionals, we hope to serve as guides: raising awareness and accessibility so that people can better identify what they’re going through, and seek help when needed,” Madhappy details on its about page. “Mental health affects us all, and the sooner we view it as a normal part of our everyday lives, the sooner we can get people the support they need and save lives.” In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the brand has launched its foundation to help support and advance mental health efforts globally.

The Local Love Club

Set to spread love everywhere, The Local Love Club embosses positive affirmations on their garments that are helping set forth good vibes and positive self-talk. This female-founded brand believes in mixing fashion-forward trends that push the limits of mental health, kindness and compassion. The laid-back luxury label is donating a portion of its proceeds to The Kind Campaign, a non-profit, globally recognized initiative that’s bringing awareness to the long-lasting effects of girl-versus-girl bullying in schools nationwide.

The Mayfair Group

Founded by Sam Abrahart in 2017, The Mayfair Group celebrates unfiltered human interaction that embodies empathy, compassion and kindhearted mantras through clothing that is changing unrealistic societal standards surrounding mental health awareness. By creating a safe space to connect to others through vulnerability, The Mayfair Group aims to help make the world a better place, one garment at a time.

Shine the Light On

Highlighting the mantra, “clothing that challenges attitudes around mental health,” Shine the Light On is quite literally shining the light on much-needed conversations surrounding the long-lasting detrimental effects of depression, anxiety and the ability to recover from rough patches. By celebrating adversity through advocacy, Shine the Light On aims to help others know that they’re not alone through impactful loungewear.


What started with “a sad kid” going to his local t-shirt shop and putting his emotional poems on a shirt, later turned into a label to find humor in sadness. The brand promotes healthy dialog for sadness through aesthetically pleasing clothes instilled with positive, mood-boosting philosophies. With a mission of making the world a better place, Sadire is removing the stigma of sadness being looked down upon, but is embracing it instead.

As we continue to navigate an ongoing pandemic, mental health disparities are continuing to rise. More than 4.8 million Black Americans, in particular, are facing unimaginable challenges regarding their mental health. Now that self-care is starting to become more of a priority within our day-to-day lives, let’s add to the conversation by supporting the brands that are disrupting the fashion industry through positive change.