June 19, 2024


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Bold! Girl Online Shopping in Front Row Buying Ugly Clothes


Photos, with edits, from iStock and Shein

Throughout history, the darkest of times have created the greatest of heroes. When they were needed most, warriors of unbridled courage have risen to the occasion and served as sources of inspiration for us all. 

Today, as we face the unprecedentedness of these unprecedented times, the world has been in search of such a champion. And just this past week, one of these paragons of courage materialized in the front row of an ECON 001 lecture. Like most heroes, she was not born, but made: Shein was having an hour-long flash sale, and this queen answered the call. 

Some cowards may experience self-doubt or insecurity knowing that their 16-inch MacBook Pro, brightness level 100, is advertising their every online click to their peers behind them. And to them, this girl says, ‘grow up you pussy ass losers!’ 

That half-zebra print, half-cheetah print bodysuit with ‘Vegan Babe’ emblazoned in lime green? Absolutely hideous! And yet this fearless pioneer added that to her cart within seconds, in full view by the lecture hall of students behind her. 

Those platform flip-flops with built-in socks? That didn’t even match? I’ve truly never been more horrified by an article of clothing in my life. Someone in the room audibly gasped. But this audacious queen, this Spartan of in-class online shopping, hit ‘Add to Bag’ and never looked back. Truly an inspiration. 

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. Some Greek guy said that once. If that same Greek guy was alive today to witness the rise of our fashion hero, he would probably say something like, “τι στο διάολο είναι ένας υπολογιστής; γιατί διάολο μπορεί μια γυναίκα να διαβάζει;?” But then he would say, “You all could learn something from this visionary force of nature. There’s nothing I love more than someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks!”

Which sounds like a backhanded compliment to us, but still. We all admire the tenacity and boldness of this It Girl, even if her style is trash.