May 30, 2023


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British Muslims prepare Ramadan with a shopping festival

Muslims around the world are just a few days away from the month of fasting called Ramadan. This “holy month” is followed by the feast of Eid al-Fitr which is traditionally celebrated with new clothes, tasty treats and gifts. A shopping festival provides British Muslims with popular items like fashion, food and homeware.

Muslims in the United Kingdom prepared for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan with a shopping festival in London. This year Ramadan starts on the 2nd of April ending on May the 1st with the Eid celebration.

With the celebration of Eid coming up, it’s definitely the busiest time of the year. Because people are either buying gifts for themselves or their friends and loved ones.” (…) “Modesty means something different to me than what it means to you, and it could mean you being just comfortable in what you’re wearing, whether that be long sleeve, whether that be short, whatever it is, as long as you are comfortable, that is modest. That is modest wear for me“, explained Anjumin Ahmed, designer and founder of fashion label Numa Rose.

Eid is traditionally celebrated with new clothes, tasty treats and gifts.

Research suggests that health and wellbeing products have been growing over the last few years.

They are thinking about fashion, that they’re looking for things like capsule wardrobes for clothing that fits with this new mindset that they are adopting during Ramadan. We also see that there’s a sense of health and wellness, actually, that’s really starting to develop. So not your traditional Ramadan foods necessarily, but things that can help wellbeing, but also ways that people can maintain health and their mental health, in particular too“, said Shelina Janmohamed, Vice President of Islamic Marketing at advertising company Ogilvy.

According to research, British Muslims spend an estimated 200 million pounds during the Ramadan period.