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Best Shopping Apps of 2022 May

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Technology has been a boon to mankind. Two decades ago, a good shopping experience consisted of standing in line, negotiating with the salesperson, and finally, after hours of chasing, buying your favorite product. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, the entire shopping experience has changed. Discover and buy a range of products at affordable prices from the comfort of your home. Online shopping is an area of ​​electronic commerce where people buy things over the Internet. It mainly uses two media web browsers and mobile apps.

Since smartphones have become an everyday part of our lives, mobile apps have had a significant impact on most of the things

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It’s official: Catalogues aren’t dead

The number of Australian shoppers reading catalogues to find promotions and secure deals has increased to 68%, five percentage points up from 2021, according to new research from ShopFully and Nielsen Media Analytics.

The study highlights that shoppers are taking the time to plan shopping trips, with over half (57%) stating internet search as their top source of information, closely followed by digital catalogues (46%). Catalogues are a must-have for retailers looking to drive customers into store, with 45% of readers using them to plan and organise shopping lists ahead of time, and 44% doing so down to the specific store they intend to visit. 

In particular, Australian shoppers are serious about evaluating their electronic purchases with almost half (45%) of consumers turning to digital catalogues when deciding what electronics to purchase, with the average read time clocking in at 9.6 minutes,

Conversely, three in ten (30%) refer to online

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Eight apps that could save you money on your French supermarket shop

Apps to help shoppers find the best supermarket prices are becoming more popular in France as inflation rises and the cost of everyday items soars to its highest level in 14 years. We list some of the most popular.

Supermarket prices surged in April, at 2.89% overall, and even higher for everyday items such as pasta (15.31%).  

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As a result, some supermarkets have announced deals to help reduce costs, including E. Leclerc, which put an ‘anti-inflation shield’ across 120 products from May 4. This is set to last until July.

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However, various smartphone apps have popped up, claiming to help consumers make their money go further, with cashback systems and price comparisons. 


Cashback app. Users send a photo of their receipt, and

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Because life is never black and white

Aqua Shopping in Portimão has announced that they have adopted the ColorADD colour code which is a colour identification system that helps those with colour vision deficiency.

Following the social responsibility policy of Klépierre, owner and manager of more than 100 shopping centres in Europe, they have partnered with ColorADD, “a core system that allows identifying colours through graphic symbols, making the experience of people with colour blindness more inclusive, safe and easy.”

“After the code was implemented in Espaço Guimarães, it was time for the shopping centre of the Barlavento Algarve to be part of this initiative. The code has been implemented throughout Aqua shopping centre, from the car park to various areas of customer use and even through to recycling bins.”

Colour vision deficiency affects 350 million people globally (about 10 percent of the male and 0.5 percent of the female population). Colours are an essential element of

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