March 1, 2024


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Creating a Yoga Vibe Space at Home to Help Combat “Cabin Fever”

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Creating a Vibe Space at home has significantly helped me throughout my day, especially during the pandemic. When I had to shift from the office to working from home, I knew that creating an inspiring desk area would not be enough to support my mental wellness. So, I created a yoga/meditation practice space that included a few new pieces that would help enhance my mood when I needed to step away from work and reconnect with myself. 

I started researching a few total well-being products to add to my Vibe Space and discovered these companies that create unique goods that inspire peace and calm while also supporting the BIPOC community.

Sugarmat Premium Yoga Mat

Connecting with your Yoga Mat is a spiritual connection, and it is the very continuation of us in the fluid movement. Just as our phones are an extension of our communication as humans, the yoga mat helps us extend ourselves to feel anchored by its very presence. I brought along my new environmentally friendly, Canadian-based brand, Sugarmat Premium Yoga Mat. I’ve enjoyed trying this Mat out and getting a chance to explore the initiatives with their new “Sassy Collection” with Philadelphia-based illustrator Kendra Dandy. 


Dandy’s designs include Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, Bobbi Brown, Printed Village, Kate Spade, and many others. Dandy recently appeared in Beyonce’s Black Parade Route catalog to support small businesses owned by black people in need. The “Sassy Collection” emerged from Sugarmat’s desire to work with more BIPOC artists and support BIPOC creatives. Sugarmat chose to collaborate with the Philadelphia illustrator because of her funky floral, retro, witty motif, abstract designs, and unapologetic celebration of black culture and aesthetics. My connection to this Mat feels like the political and social statement that is needed in our world. It was incredibly refreshing to know that 40{f2a9790f1f5b326f5addd27543ef870bdef34be2bb42188b5ff1576c2dc9b21c} of the proceeds from the “Sassy Collection” will go to the Black Lives Matter movement and its continuous efforts to stop police brutality. 


The Sassy Collection Kiss and Make-up Mat Suede Yoga Mat and the Sassy Yoga Blocks are 100{f2a9790f1f5b326f5addd27543ef870bdef34be2bb42188b5ff1576c2dc9b21c} natural rubber, synthetic suede, and water-based ink. So no toxic materials mean absolutely NO toxic smell when you open and roll out the Mat. The Mat comes with straps and is compact enough to adapt and roll into the tiniest spaces, which is perfect for my travel vibe space. The material was highly breathable and created the one thing each modern BIPOC needs in their  life, to feel refreshed. 

I’ve added to my Vibe Space by powering up my Essential Ocean cat humidifier. It has an air hydration device that adds the right amount of moisture to the air so that when you add your favorite Halsa Essential Roll On oil to your wrists, your mood is instantly set to Yoga and chill. It’s portable, so you can bring it with you when you go back to the office or start traveling again.

Try creating your own rejuvenating Vibe Space at home in order to inspire peace and calm, while support small businesses that are making a difference.