July 21, 2024


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Desigual, Hoss Intropia, and Odd Molly – Express Yourself With These Ladies Fashion Labels

In today’s world it is easy to get lost in the shuffle, blend into the crowd, and forget what makes you special. We go about our daily lives without taking the time to appreciate the qualities that make us unique. One avenue for self-expression is in the clothes we choose to wear. Women’s fashion offers the materials, designs, colours and textures to make just the right statement for you and about you! In the ever-changing world of haute couture it is often overwhelming to find just the right impression. There are three houses that offer that very unique apparel sure to meet your tastes.

The women’s fashion of Desigual speaks loudly of the individual beauty of unique expression. Using bold colours, fresh and revolutionary design coupled with their signature graffiti, this design house is exploding in popularity around the planet. At the young age of 20, its founder wanted to offer what no one else had. Now 25 years later, his Spain based industry can be seen on the bodies of women of all cultures. His emphasis on colour and vivid design is setting the trends from Paris to the Far East.

Another young star in cosmos of women’s fashion is Hoss Intropia. This design house expresses individuality through a use of custom designed prints with hand stitched beading and highlights. The use of soft and supple silk, organza, cotton and linen fabrics wears like a comfortable freedom about the body. The colour palette of neutrals adds to the calm, assured quality of the apparels. Again, the emphasis is on the uniqueness of each woman.

If hip and trendy is your desired look in women’s fashion, then Odd Molly is the choice for you. The youngest of the three houses promotes its offbeat clothing as the expression of feeling good about yourself. Founded in Sweden, they have risen to meteoric fame round the world, and for good reason. The apparel sings of freedom of expression, individuality and self-confidence. Bohemian and a bit retro, these fashions capture the essence of youth and vitality.

Regardless of your women’s fashion choices remember that it reflects who you are to the outside world. Choose apparel that makes a statement about your self-image, your self-confidence, and your courage to be yourself. Regardless of your body shape or size there are items available to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out. Express who you are and walk proudly through life!