February 27, 2024


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How one pro-age cosmetic company is disrupting the beauty industry with a concealer formulated for mature skin.

Los Angeles, CA— If you’re a woman over the age of 40 with makeup that often
seeps into fine lines, clumps up, or makes the skin appear more dry, there may
be a surprising reason why.


The makeup you’re wearing may not be meant for your skin.


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One pro-age cosmetic company, Fièra Cosmetics, is quickly becoming the
“talk of the internet” for exposing toxic practices inside the beauty industry,
particularly surrounding “anti-aging” products that are not what they seem.

What are these toxic practices?

Here’s what the well-known media outlet, Disrupt Magazine,
recently said after catching up with Fièra:

“Most makeup brands create products for youthful skin, and bolster the
advertising with images of stunning, young models in their 20’s. However,
this type of advertising is cyclical and destructive.

It promises a near-impossible standard of beauty (oftentimes, absolutely impossible
due to photoshopping) that keeps women purchasing in a futile effort to match
the images.

Fièra Cosmetics instead features models who actually look like their
target customers. Kate D., Fiera’s brand coordinator, shared that all
of their models are actually in the 50-80 age demographic.

“It’s important to us that our website shows images of real women, who aren’t
photo-shopped,” she explained.”

But that’s not the worst part for women over 40. Believe it or not, these
companies often mislabel makeup as a one-age-fits-all, giving those same products
formulated for women in their 20s to women in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

This is one of the main reasons why women with maturing skin often have a hard time
finding makeup and skincare that actually works for their skin, instead of seeping
into fine lines, caking, or just simply not doing a thing.

But Fièra Cosmetics is going against the grain of the beauty industry by
promoting pro-age makeup and skincare specifically formulated for women with
maturing skin.

On top of that, they’re showing women how to celebrate and even embrace their
aging skin, instead of constantly running from it.

Why? Because their mission is simple: Aging isn’t a bad thing, and it never was.

The online technology company, Thrive Global, also caught up with
Fièra’s brand coordinator Kate Duff, who said:

“At Fiera, we passionately reject this type of toxic revenue model.

Instead, our interest is to enhance our customers’ experience by offering
high-quality, gimmick-free products that help improve not just their natural
outward beauty, but also their long-term skin health. In contrast to traditional
marketing, we hire models our customers can actually identify with and who
portray the real-life challenges of maturing beauty.”

With many of these well-known sources quickly taking notice of Fièra’s
mission, many are now recommending women over 40 STOP using products that
weren’t made for their skin.

Instead they recommend trying to find a pro-age company, like Fièra, that cares more
for their customers than their revenue.

With over 3,000 reviews on their concealer alone,
women can feel confident in knowing that they can finally use a makeup product that is specifically
formulated for THEIR skin. Not someone else’s.

Women often note how special this concealer is to them, as it doesn’t seep into
fine lines like most other makeup, but instead makes the eyes and face look
absolutely stunning.

Plus, Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer contains powerful ingredients that can actually
improve the skin over time, instead of just covering it up– making it the only
mature skin concealer that doubles as both makeup coverage and skincare.


Best Concealer I’ve Found

“Best concealer I’ve ever used – under eye darkness
disappears, blends beautifully, and brightens. I use the next shade up as a light
foundation – don’t need much – and my skin has never looked so good.”

Jane M.


Love this product!

“I was skeptical about buying makeup from an
internet ad, but was PLEASANTLY surprised!! Not only is the color perfect,
it goes on, and STAYS on. I can wear it to work where I have to mask all day,
and it does not come off! It doesn’t look like makeup, just makes my skin look
better by blurring my not so fine lines, and covering my dark eye circles.
A little bit goes a LONG way, and I wear it as my foundation. I will be a
returning customer!”

Monica G.


I love the fresh glow

“I love the fresh glow look that I see now in
the mirror. Greatly reduces my dark undereye circles and covers all flaws.
I use it as my foundation/concealer combo! I use a different brush though
because the one that came with it is too soft to apply the formula to suit me.
Thank you for a great product!”

VikiI M.

Fiera offers a 30-day 100{f2a9790f1f5b326f5addd27543ef870bdef34be2bb42188b5ff1576c2dc9b21c} money-back guarantee- as to end the wasted
money spent on a product that disappoints.

In other words, you can try their best-selling concealer for a full month,
and if you’re not in-love with the results, they will gladly hand you back
every penny of your investment, no-questions asked.

Clinically-Proven Ingredients For Mature Skin Inside Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer…

  • Haloxyl Peptide

    The “dark under-eye circle” remover. A combination
    of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments in the
    skin that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes. So if you’ve ever fallen
    victim to the dreaded dark under-eye circles and bags, this ingredient will be
    your angelic savior.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    The star ingredient of Fièra Concealer that has
    the unique capacity to retain water in the skin and rehydrate the skin perfectly.
    When this amazing ingredient (in the right form) is consistently applied to mature
    skin, women often notice immediate improvements in the texture and feel of their
    skin with long-term improvements in their overall appearance.

  • Vitamin E

    A powerful antioxidant that may help reduce UV damage
    in skin. Can also help nourish, hydrate and protect the skin from damage caused
    by free radicals.

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is one of the most popular skincare
    ingredients due to its amazing antioxidant properties. The skin tissues LOVE
    antioxidants. It helps protect against the many free radicals that damage the
    skin and improves the overall appearance of the skin over time.

  • Lecithin

    Another amazing hydrating ingredient that restores
    skin to its smooth and comfortable texture.

“Where Can I Buy Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer?”

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What Are Other Women Saying About Fièra Anti-Aging Concealer?


Quick and easy to apply

“I use this daily as a busy mum it replaces concealer /foundation/ powder.
Keeps skin covered and shine free all day.”



Works great

“I have been using Fièra concealer for past year.
I use nothing else.covers any spots right away.”



Good Concealer and Brush

“Great concealer. Covers excellently and the
concealer brush smooths and provides even coverage. Great product.”



A little goes a LONG way

“I cannot BELIEVE what a small dab it takes to
get maximum coverage around my under eye circles”

Barbara P.


Great Concealer

“Covers excellently and the concealer brush
smooths and provides even coverage. Great product.”

Christine G.


This Really Works!

This is the best concealer I’ve ever used.
It really works and doesn’t look like I’m overly made up.

Carol G.