July 13, 2024


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Five questions with Fashion is Murder zine creator Kane Edwards

The first issue of Iowa City DIY fashion zine Fashion Is Murder is about to drop, and it’s got the party of the season to back it up. Before tonight’s release party, I asked DJ CEO of Fashion is Murder, Kane Edwards, five questions about the creation of the zine and what folks can expect. 

If you’re heading out to Trumpet Blossom tonight, get ready to celebrate, and watch as a lively fashion show takes place — more than a dozen local models will be taking the stage.

Kamil Anthony, via Fashion is Murder.

Firstly, I’m curious about the inspiration for Fashion is Murder. What inspired you all to create it?

I started getting really into fashion after beginning my gender transition. It’s a great way for me to express myself however I want every single day, and I get very inspired by seeing other people’s fashion styles as well. I have always wanted to do a comic or a zine but never ended up getting it organized until now.

How many individuals contributed to Fashion is Murder? And what do your roles look like?

I am the CEO, Anna Kahn is our graphic design fairy and is in charge of marketing; Dolly Sperry is credited in the zine as the creator of our cover logo, banner, comic and layout. We created this together and I could not have done this without their help. Joseph Heuermann of Nightmare Imagery and Cal Murray of Grimmtooth also helped boatloads with making this happen. They’ve been especially helpful in orchestrating the release.

Brooke Tarvin, via Fashion is Murder.

 How did Fashion is Murder become the name of your project?

Joseph Heuermann came up with the name when we were hanging out on my porch brainstorming ideas together. I think it’s the perfect name for it and I’m lucky to be friends with this genius.

As for the actual content in the zine, what can readers expect? Will the content be similar in upcoming issues? 

Expect lots of silliness and cat obsession. I think there are also some good anti-fashion police vibes to it. I want to release this annually, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to keep up with that. It’ll probably be similar vibes for the next issue, with much better organization. My first life priority is my band called Death Kill Overdrive, and I think we’re about to sell out and take over the world. But who knows.

You’re throwing a release party/fashion show at Trumpet Blossom tonight. How have you all been preparing for the evening and what should people look forward to?

As much as I feel like I have over-prepared for this event, I am still actually scrambling to get everything together for it (haha). I’ve been booking shows for about 15 years, and this one is by far the most complex of them all to organize. 

Expect lots of silliness and don’t expect this to be anything like any other fashion show that has ever happened. The drink special is “The Champagne of Beers,” AKA Miller High Life served in plastic champagne glasses. Kamil Anthony, who’s featured in the zine and is the bar manager of Trumpet Blossom, is a complete genius.

Courtesy of Fashion is Murder.

Because of the number of performers, the audience will be at low capacity, so grab your tix soon. A copy of the zine is included in the ticket price ($7). Purchase tickets here.

The zine will also be for sale online and at White Rabbit if you’re unable to attend the show. Masks are required and all ages are welcome.