May 19, 2024


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GANNI x Juicy Couture Collection: Tracksuits Get Elevated

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There is something so wonderful about modern brands bringing nostalgia into their current collections and if any brand knows this, it’s GANNI. This week, GANNI made my personal dreams come true by announcing the launch of the GANNI x Juicy Couture collection (*insert 13 year old me excitedly screaming into a flip phone). The Danish luxury brand is known for colorful collections, funky buttons and ruffled collars—the jewel tone velour that we know and love from Juicy Couture will fit right in. 

The collection will feature 13 styles including t-shirts, Y2K style dresses, tops and leggings. Basically, you can count on the GANNI and Juicy Couture collab to complete your spring and summer wardrobe. The collection wouldn’t be complete without the classic Juicy Couture tracksuit. If you need proof that logo-mania isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, this is it. You’ll be able to get the two-piece set in a purplish-blue with both the Juicy Couture and GANNI logos stamped in crystals on the back. 

“There are few fashion pieces in the world that are as easily recognized as Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuit – it’s truly a piece of pop culture history and I am super excited for GANNI’s take on it,” says Ditte Reffstrup, GANNI’s creative director.

STYLECASTER | Ganni Juicy Couture Collection

Courtesy of GANNI x Juicy Couture.

Part of GANNI’s appeal is the brand’s commitment to sustainably creating garments and the practice will extend to the Juicy Couture collection. While Juicy Couture has done quite a few collabs in the past couple of years—with Parade, Apparis and Urban Outfitters to literally just name a few—the collection with GANNI will be the most responsibly produced iteration of the iconic tracksuit to date. 

While GANNI is quickly becoming equally iconic as a Copenhagen fashion-girl brand, the Juicy Couture partnership is the brand’s first big marketing initiative to appeal to a US-based consumer. I’m not sure if the European fashion super-houses ever considered the Paris Hilton endorsed tracksuits peak fashion but Los Angeles celebrities certainly did. 

STYLECASTER | Ganni Juicy Couture Collection

Courtesy of GANNI x Juicy Couture.

“It was incredibly special to marry GANNI’s effortlessly cool Scandinavian DNA with Juicy’s LA vibe and off-duty celebrity heritage,” Says Taryn Washenik, owner of the Juicy Couture brand. “Ultimately, we set out to inspire authenticity and self-expression with this collection and we are thrilled to see it come to life.”

My TikTok FYP and Pinterest boards are filled with “Copenhagen-inspired” style guides and fashion inspiration so it’s exciting to think about the Copenhagen fashion crowd looking to classic Los Angeles Y2K nostalgia for inspiration. 

STYLECASTER | Ganni Juicy Couture Collection

Courtesy of GANNI x Juicy Couture.

It looks like the LA vibe will be going coast-to-coast with the campaign shot in New York City. I certainly can’t wait to add even more GANNI to my NYC wardrobe and channel major model off-duty vibes in pieces from the collection. 

I’m predicting that the collection is going to sell out fast so make sure to pull out your feather pen and mark down the collection’s drop date to get your hands on the best pieces. The collection will be launching on March 30 and will be available on and in GANNI stores worldwide. 

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