June 24, 2024


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How to Do Rainy-Day Style like The Nether Girls

April showers bring May flowers. I wish! I’m so tired of the April showers this year, aren’t you? It seems like every other day has been a cloudy, rainy day, at least on the East Coast. This entire gray is bringing negativity into my life, so I’ll try to see the positive. The best thing about a rainy day weekend is, of course, a rainy day wardrobe! Let’s take a look at these celebrities who show us how to rock a rainy day look. It’s time to break out the Rains regenjas, Maium regenjas; hoodies, plastic Zwarte regenjas, rain boots (my personal favorite!), and of course those stylish umbrellas. There’s definitely a way to turn those gray days into a pop of color and fashion-forward style.

Rainy Day Style like Celebrities

Lily Collins Style – Made well Jacket

Lily Collins knows that the key to a perfect rainy day style is a hooded parka with a fur or sheepskin lining. That’s why she chose to wear a faux fur-trimmed Madewell jacket. When I tried to find a similar style online, I was immediately drawn to the Madewell x Penfield Deerfield A-line Parka with a cool A-line structure that tweaks the heritage-style jacket. went. But alas, this quilted look is sold out. No problem, because Madewell has some other utility-style coats that work well in stormy weather. Try a passage jacket. It’s a lightweight piece that covers you in the rain but can be great any season of the year.

Last year it looked like Glastonbury would be out of the sun, but happily, there were plenty of sunny moments to keep everyone happy (including the GLAMOR crew enjoying a holiday there!).

With the weather so uncertain, celebrities mostly stuck to Hunter Valley’s tried-and-tested uniforms of short shorts, oversized knitwear, and oversized jackets. After all, it’s important to make sure you have something you can use as a raft if the rain returns.

Also: We need to talk about Adele’s gorgeous Chloe dress. The highlight of the weekend? We say yes.