July 13, 2024


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Just How Accurate Are “Bridgerton” Season 2 Outfits? We Reached Out to a Fashion Historian to Find Out

There’s much to love about Bridgerton, from the string covers of pop songs that make its soundtrack to the whispered confessions of undying devotion rife in the storylines to, of course, the over-the-top fashion.

Season 2 of the Netflix series has broken records and quickly climbed to the top, becoming the streaming platform’s most-viewed English-language series of all time, and to celebrate, we reached out to historian Cassidy Percoco, who studied fashion and textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology, to dive into the looks from the period drama that fans can get enough of.

With expertise in the Regency era and published work examining women’s fashion of the time, Percoco shared the truth behind the costumes and how they would have fared in the ton IRL. (For fun and games, of course!) So, without further ado, let’s rate some Bridgerton ‘fits from season 2 according to their historical accuracy, wearability, and just overall vibes.

Bridgerton. Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in episode 206 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte has earned icon status in our eyes, with her towering wigs and ornate jewels. Percoco shares that portrait evidence and surviving garments from her reign show that she dressed quite fashionably until her death, following trends and incorporating distinct rules for court dress (short sleeves, high waist, and dress hoops must be worn).

While the Queen’s lofty wigs in the series are definitely a departure from the real Queen Charlotte, we’re a huge fan of the elaborate and glamorous ways she presents herself in the show.

Accuracy: 5/10
Wearability: 0/10, unless you’re the queen
Vibes: 10/10
Overall Grade: B+

Bridgerton. (L to R) Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton, Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in episode 203 of Bridgerton. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX