July 13, 2024


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Kylie Jenner is giving us 2015 vibes with her latest makeup look

In a new Instagram post on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, Kylie Jenner tried on a series of her brand’s iconic signature liquid lipsticks and it took us back to a particular moment in time.

Specifically the King Kylie 2015 era where Kylie changed her hair colour and style on a daily basis.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe just how many iconic hairstyles Kylie cycled through in her royalty era.

There was the faded turquoise wig aka Coachella Kylie, there was the black choppy lob paired with super bold red lip aka the opening up about lip fillers Kylie.

We’re not done yet.

Lord Farquaad Kylie also made their appearance in 2015 (remember the black fringe?), followed by blonde Kylie and then back to Turquoise/green Kylie.

Basically 2015 was the year of Kylie. It was the year that she experimented with her looks, admitted that it wasn’t just MAC’s Soar Lip Liner behind her fuller pout and generally showed the world that she was no longer the teen we had watched grow up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

It was the year that Kylie was unapologetically herself and if you compare her public presence then to now, you’ll notice how much more private she is.

kylie jenner 2015 makeup

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It might not just be us that misses 2015 Kylie because in the new video on Kylie Cosmetics, we couldn’t help but notice that Kylie’s makeup looked straight out of the King Kylie look book.

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Maybe it’s the liquid lipsticks, which, let’s face it were a staple back then. But when paired with her shorter hair it really does feel like Kylie pre baby years.

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