May 25, 2024


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New Downtown Business a Throwback to Traditional Apothecaries

Registered herbalist and business owner Lisa Marie Holmes has brought together a team of seven holistic practitioners to offer what she describes as “one-stop shopping for those looking to invest in preventive medicine as well as acute and chronic care.”

The list of services offered at L’Apothicaire Botanique is extensive, everything from acupuncture to massage therapy, Japanese energy healing, reiki, functional medicine, at-home cooking classes, in-person grocery shopping assistance, fertility and hormone balancing, burn-out assistance, and more, including Lisa Marie’s botanical teas, tinctures, supplements, and natural body and home-care products.

L’Apothicaire Botanique is modeled after the traditional apothecaries where people would go to get herbal remedies,” Lisa Marie said. “I carry a line of 22 proprietary herbal infusions, as well as bulk herbs, spices, and medicine – all natural, all of the earth. We are also a holistic clinic that offers a truly integrated approach that addresses the physical body and the mental, emotional, and spiritual body as well.”

The holistic team includes registered massage therapist Danielle Dowle, naturopathic doctors Dr. Alexis Cole and Dr. Kathryn Petrov, holistic nutrition practitioner Bart Ollen, integrative health coach Nordia German, Japanese energy healing practitioner Yoshiko Cooper, and Lisa Marie, who is a registered herbalist.

L’Apothicaire Botanique is located at 8 Sykes Street North, opposite the Meaford Public Library. The second floor of the business is being renovated to accommodate four new clinic rooms and a studio. “My goal is to be able to offer any type of prescription that one of our practitioners recommends, whether it be a tangible product such as a supplement or a lifestyle practice such as meditation or energy healing classes.”

L’Apothicaire Botanique opened in September. Lisa Marie is planning a June launch following the completion of the second floor renovations. She is available Monday to Saturday, 12- 5 p.m. The six other practitioners are available by appointment. “Most of our practitioners are booking one and two weeks out, except our massage therapist Danielle who is booked four to six weeks out,” she said. “As we expand upstairs, we would be able to expand our offerings.”

Holmes was presented with the Business Owner of the Year Award during the 24th Annual Meaford Chamber of Commerce Community Awards in March, in recognition of her support of local resources, products, and craftspeople.

The full list of services is available at