May 19, 2024


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See Pictures of Kim Kardashian’s Guy Fieri Flames Fashion Look

In a seeming ploy to keep us alllll from talking about True Thompson’s #Photoshopgate, Kim Kardashian gave us something else to discuss in the group chat when she pulled up to lunch looking like the aftermath of a Guy Fieri and Elastigirl one-night stand.

Kim was covered in flames from chin to toes. The turtleneck is obviously the main character of this outfit, but the red leather skirt, red high boots, and red leather gloves are working overtime in their supporting roles. Kimmy finished off the look with a furry handbag and specs to match.

kim kardashian wearing a long sleeve black shirt with flames on it, leather red gloves, a red leather skirt and red boots that cover her entire leg


Okay, I just…have a few practical questions: Isn’t it hot in L.A.? Like, babe is going to pass out, right? Not a single piece of her body is out. And then, does Guy Fieri get residuals for this? I feel like he deserves them.

The look is a change-up for Kim, who isn’t known for a lot of graphic statement pieces but more minimalist-chic vibes. I feel like you can sense the Pete Davidson fashion influence, and I am tuned in.

Kim was meeting up with her two sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian at Il Fornaio in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of L.A., according to TMZ. They wore outfits that were a bit more chill, if wearing stilettos makes an outfit chill, lol. Khloé was in a bodysuit with partly sheer leggings, and Kourtney wore a black miniskirt and cropped white button-down.

Apparently, the sisters were filming for their new Hulu show The Kardashians, so chances are high that we may see this ’fit in a future season!

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