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Skincare Gift Sets & Travel Skincare Sets


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Get Rihanna’s starter routine for your best skin in three simple steps, with this set of travel-size minis. It’s a perfect way to try or travel with the Fenty Skin Start’rs.


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Rihanna comes through with her starter skincare routine: This clinically proven 3-step is designed to work better together. Brighten, target pores and dark spots, and hydrate and protect skin.

  • CLEANSE: Total Cleans’r gets you the delicious deep clean you deserve: Fenty Skin’s universal creamy cleanser removes dirt, oil, and longwear makeup without stripping or drying. Barbados cherry and coconut-derived cleansers nourish and treat skin right.
  • TONE: Fat Water is the do-it-all toner serum combo that targets pores, improves the look of dark spots, brightens, smooths, and fights shine—all without stripping skin. Rihanna
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Pendry West Hollywood Hotel Sets Fashion Collaboration

Los Angeles designer Heidi Merrick is lending her signature minimalist beach aesthetic to the Pendry Hotel and Resort in West Hollywood.

Merrick has designed uniforms for the hotel, which is slated to open April 2, including blazer jumpsuits for front desk associates and poet-sleeve dresses for hostesses at Wolfgang Puck’s Merois restaurant.

The daughter of renowned surfboard shaper Al Merrick has also created a custom “SRF Pendry” sweatshirt for the hotel inspired by her “SRF” collection. All of the looks will be sold in her web store.

“The space is in West Hollywood where House of Blues used to be, and when I was young and worked for MTV, I used to go there all the time to see Ben Harper and other acts, so I was interested to see the space and get the vibe,” said Merrick of her first hotel project, which brought back memories of the

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Covalent’s Carbon-Capture Technology Sets to reduce the environmental impact of fashion

News Highlights: Covalent’s Carbon-Capture Technology Sets to reduce the environmental impact of fashion

Covalent, a new direct-to-consumer fashion brand offers a palliative response to the quiet, yet significant impact that fashion has on the environment every year with a collection of thirty-five pieces. After a decade of research, the company has announced the use of a proprietary technology called AirCarbon – a biotechnology process created as the world’s first regenerative, carbon-negative manufacturing system used across the company’s entire line of modern luxury accessories.

As the name implies, AirCarbon Leather has been developed to provide a similar grain and smooth matte feel to real leather, but with a reduced environmental impact, great for technical accessories such as laptop and phone cases.

AirCarbon covalently modeled after the natural energy process that takes place in the ocean, where marine microorganisms use air and carbon extracted from greenhouse gases. Covalent uses biomimetic technology

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