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The History of Diamonds and Their Use in Diamond Jewelry

The History of Diamonds in Jewelry – The Diamond Pillars

When it comes to the history of diamonds and their use in diamond jewelry it has a long and fascinating story as one of the world’s most fascinating gemstones. You may have heard the phrase ‘Diamonds are Forever,’ which was popularized by De Beers advertising efforts, and with good cause. 

They have survived the forces of nature to reach us, having been forged billions of years ago, long before dinosaurs walked the globe. Many civilizations have revered and admired them over the millennia. Without further ado, here below is the history of diamond jewelry

Who first discovered diamonds?

The word “diamond” derives from the Greek word “Adamo,” which means “to tame” or “to subjugate.” The term “Adamas” was first used to characterize the hardest substance known, and it later came to be associated with diamond.

The earliest diamonds are thought to have been unearthed around 3000 years ago in India. They were prized for their capacity to refract light and were worn as ornaments or talismans for protection and warding off evil.

Diamonds were thought to have medical properties during the Middle Ages. Those suffering from sickness or wounds were instructed to hold a diamond in their hand and make the sign of the cross for healing. Some people even believed that consuming diamonds may help them recover (or possibly cure) different ailments.

Diamonds became more valuable as time passed and the Middle Ages approached, rather than being thought to have supernatural healing abilities. Mine owners began propagating rumors that diamonds were deadly if consumed as a result of the rising demand and value of diamonds. This made it impossible for mine workers to smuggle gems by ingesting them.

What is the oldest diamond in the world?

Australia has discovered the world’s oldest known diamonds, which are almost as ancient as the earth itself and may hold the key to understanding how the planet’s crust originated.

The 4 billion-year-old diamonds were discovered imprisoned inside zircon crystals in the Jack Hills region of Western Australia, hundreds of kilometers north of Perth.

They are estimated to be 1 billion years old, much older than any terrestrial rock. The diamonds “add a new dimension to the discussion about the origin of these zircons and the evolution of the early earth,” the researchers write in Nature today.

The discovery, according to the Australian and German scientists who discovered the diamonds, supports the theory that earth in the Hadean era, some 4.4 billion years ago, was not a hellish zone, but rather a cooler place, similar to earth today.

Where are the most diamonds in the world?

Russia’s natural diamond reserves were predicted to be at 650 million carats as of 2020. As a result, Russia has the world’s greatest diamond reserves. Almost half of the world’s mined diamonds are used as rough diamonds for industrial applications. Cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing can all be done using industrial diamonds.

As of 2020, Russia and Botswana have the world’s greatest diamond deposits, with 650 million and 310 million carats, respectively. Russia and Australia are the world’s leading producers in terms of volume. In 2020, Russia mined 19 million carats of diamonds, while Australia produced 12 million carats. 

One of Africa’s most valuable natural resources is diamonds, and the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world’s top three producers. Rough diamond demand is predicted to reach 292 million carats by 2050, according to estimates.

Diamond engagement ring history

Rings have been used as a symbol of commitment from ancient times, notably the Roman betrothal (truth) rings. These early rings, which were often made of twisted copper or braided hair, were worn on the left hand’s third finger. 

Romans believed that a vein in the third finger (vena amoris) flowed directly to the heart, hence the ring’s placement was essential. Engagement rings were given as a gesture of devotion or friendship to Romans, although they were not always associated with the ceremony of marriage.

In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy with the first recorded presentation of a diamond engagement ring. Despite the fact that engagement rings were widespread at the time, diamonds were a rare commodity reserved for royalty and the upper crust.

When buying diamond jewelry, it’s a good idea to do your homework first. Because of the rise of online selling on the internet, you’ll find that diamond costs vary little from one jeweler to the next these days. Long-lasting, passionate, and wonderful. As symbols of hope and tremendous expectations for the future, diamonds continue to captivate and dazzle.