April 24, 2024


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The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Every Type Of Woman

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Women are both a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and not. There are things we don’t fully understand about them, but then there are things that we do fully understand about them. Having said that, it is generally accepted that women like, enjoy and love, for the most part, fashion, cosmetics and family. So, whether you are shopping around for xmas jumpers, or the latest pieces from Labels fashion, or are just looking for affordable quality gifts for women in your life, then the following items are the perfect Christmas gifts for every type of woman.

These are The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Every Type Of Woman

The following seven items are the perfect Christmas gift for every type of woman. Having said that, with the following items when gifting them to the women in your life they may be overcome and overwhelmed with emotion. So without further ado, these are the perfect Christmas gifts for every type of woman.

1). ThisLoveFilledLife on Etsy’s – Personalised Family Wall hanging: A personalised family illustration print that is not only a very thoughtful and heartwarming gift but will also be a beautiful addition to her home. 

2). BedrockBiJoux on Etsy – Custom birthstone and Initial Necklace:  This piece is perfect for those who appreciate more sentimental gifts. As with this piece, you can choose to either select her birthstone and initials or alternatively the birthstone and initials of those she holds near and dear.

3). MIGNONANDMIGNON – Cat and dog pet portrait necklaces: It does not matter if she is team cat or dog, this delicate and petite necklace and pendant engraved with her, current or past, fur baby’s name and photograph will make for the perfect gift for any pet parent.

4). APKBRIDESMAIDGIFTS on Etsy – Personalised keepsake box: This custom wooden gift box is perfect for holding her special and cherished photographs, jewellery and any other mementoes that she may have gathered throughout her life. 

5). Umacvn’s – Bible Verse Stainless Steel Tumbler: This gift is perfect for those religious women in your life as it is emblazoned with key bible verses surrounded by meaningful adjectives describing everything they are.

6). Compendium publishing and communications – I wrote a book about you: You will be “filling in the blanks” of this particular book thus enabling you to create a genuinely heartfelt one-of-a-kind gift. Furthermore, she may very well be overcome by emotion that you took time out of your busy schedule to make something so very personal.

7). Barzel – Star Sign Constellation Necklace: This is the perfect gift for the women in your life that enjoy astrology. Similarly, to the custom birthstone and initial necklace option, you can choose to either select her star sign or alternatively the star sign of those she holds near and dear.

Just remember that…

Whether she becomes overcome and overwhelmed with emotion or not from receiving any of the previously mentioned, it is important to know that she is actually very happy with and thankful for anything personalised and special she may receive from you. 


While the previously mentioned are indeed the perfect gifts for every type of woman, it is important to remember that each woman is an individual with her own likes and dislikes, so there is a very high likelihood that the giftee may not like any of the previously mentioned.