June 24, 2024


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TikTok adds WooCommerce integration for extended mCommerce functionality

TikTok just announced an integration with WooCommerce which lets merchants sync their store catalogues to their TikTok profiles. 

That the app is popular among social shoppers is undisputed with 12 billion views for hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

Over half of TikTok users (53%) said they would recommend the app as a source of inspiration for friends or colleagues and some 58% use the app to learn more about products and brands.

Another 48% admitted to having discovered a product on the app and immediately buying it. 

WooCommerce is already home to nearly a third of all online shopping websites. The TikTok integration means that entire store catalogues can be synced to the social app, sales can be tracked for performance and ad targets are created in less than a minute.

By adding TikTok Pixel, “it automatically updates and leverages advanced matching capabilities to increase the visibility of your ads in front of the right shoppers, optimize the results of your campaign efforts, and help maximize your return on ad spend.”

At the same time, merchants can also embed the Smart Video generator tool to create videos directly from the WooCommerce dashboard with existing product pictures. 

Both Spark and Lead Gen Ads can be used to promote products and posts.

While the app developer has yet to generate some serious revenues, commerce appears to be a solid step towards this goal.