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Trio Fashion Faceoff: BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Jisoo, RED VELVET Irene: Whose Saint Laurent T-Shirt Are You Crushing Over?

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Jimin of BTS, Jisoo of BLACKPINK, and Irene of Red Velvet are all very legendary, brilliant, and fashionable K-Pop idols!
Jimin, Jisoo, and Irene all wore the same Saint Laurent T-shirt at one point, and they all styled it differently. They were dressed in a T-shirt that read “To The Moon and Back.” This shirt is sold out, although it was $390 USD when it was first released.

In May 2018, Jimin wore the shirt to the airport.


He was accessorized with a red hat, sunglasses, silver earrings, silver bracelets, a silver necklace, and a black crossbody purse, and he wore the shirt with black pants and black loafers. In his Saint Laurent T-shirt, Jimin exuded pure hipster vibes! His attire was really fashionable, and it certainly piqued ARMY’s interest. In fact, many fans still consider this to be one of Jimin’s best airport outfits!

During an episode of BLACKPINK House, Jisoo wore the identical Saint Laurent shirt.


In February of this year, the episode was released. The members went ziplining in Thailand in this episode. Jisoo wore a Saint Laurent T-shirt, black shorts, and black sandals for the occasion. In her Saint Laurent top, Jisoo exuded the adorable girl next door vibes! Despite the fact that she was dressed casually and comfortably for the zipline adventure, she looked stunning.

Irene wore the same garment at a November 2017 performance of “Look” on Music Bank.


Irene paired the top with a pair of black slacks with yellow and blue stripes down the centre. She accessorized with enormous gold hoop earrings and a gold bracelet, as well as black boots. Irene appeared to be a badass athlete! By cutting her blouse, she was able to show off her abs, and her athletic trousers gave her appearance a sports glam vibe that perfectly suited what the other Red Velvet members were wearing.

Despite the fact that Jimin, Jisoo, and Irene all wore Saint Laurent shirts that gave off various emotions, they all looked stunning!

source- koreaboo

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