February 29, 2024


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Wynn Hamlyn’s AAFW Debut Was A Mix Industrial Grit And ‘Good Vibes’


Guests were treated to cocktails, cheeseburgers and a selection of natural wines (a fitting feast for a 9PM show time), before descending into the tunnels underneath the grand concourse, an area often shielded from public view.

While the brutalist setting was appropriate for the Berlin-club enthusiasts amongst us, it also provided a perfect backdrop for Wynn Hamlyn’s quintessentially New Zealand collection. 

The Resort 2023 range was comprised of inflatable silhouettes, with volume found in the form of maximalist puffers, a Y2K spin on hiking attire thanks to the prevalence of low-rise cargo denim and Salomon shoes and an ode to summer days with hibiscus prints spotted on mini dresses and peeking over the top of trousers. 

marie claire Australia caught up with Wynn Crawshaw after the show to chat about the pivotal moment in his career and his inspiration for the new collection. 


What do you see as being the main differences between Aus and NZ style?

Australian style adopts more of a minimalist approach. It’s clean and effortlessly chic. It may have something to do with the climate, as it’s generally cooler in New Zealand. This creates a need to experiment with layering, and layering is 100% transformative from a style perspective, it can add colour, dimension, and texture.  


Tell us about the new collection and what inspired it?

The new Resort ’23 collection resonates the anticipation of a treasured resort holiday, and what it means to really to maximise the ‘good vibes’. I joke about the idea of wearing the full holiday look: braided hair at the outdoor markets, a funky shirt from the hotel gift shop, Salomon shoes on 24/7 so you’re prepared for a mountain hike, a mega-shop on the main street, and a relaxed evening dinner. I like the idea of this juxtaposition, wearing all your new gear when you’re at home, feeling like a ‘show-off’, but also looking a tad out of place. Like all of our collections, we speak to a sense of nostalgia, whilst simultaneously manifesting the future.


What does showing at AAFW means to you?

We are absolutely thrilled to present our Resort ’23 collection at AAFW. The opportunity is very much aligned to newfound freedom and the glee of being able to travel the world without restrictions. Wynn Hamlyn has established a very loyal and valued presence in Australia during the past two years, it really has become our second home and a place we hold close to our hearts. The support from our stakeholders, including consumers and media has been unwavering. Our decision to participate at AAFW felt organic, and it will provide the label with an opportunity to solidify and celebrate its presence within the Australian market.


Do you have a standout moment or memory from AAFW?

This year’s partnership with AAFW will mark our debut runway participation. When I think about AAFW, I think about Sydney’s iconic destinations: the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the beautiful beaches. We are looking forward to this super exciting experience and to creating some special memories.


What Australian designers throughout history do you look up to or have inspired you and why?

Akira Isogawa, his approach to prints and draping is incredible, like Dries Van Noten. More recently I have been inspired by Romance Was Born shows. I love the label’s fearless ‘theatre’.