June 24, 2024


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Young shoppers are loving this old school saving hack

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Australian consumer prices jumped 2.1 per cent in the first three months of the year, according to ABS data. (Source: Getty)

Browsing a catalogue for the best deals may feel antiquated but it has become an increasingly popular way for shoppers of all ages to save money.

In fact, increasing numbers of shoppers are turning to catalogues – both online and print – to save money, according to a recent survey.

The survey of 1,400 Aussie consumers over 18 by ShopFully and Nielsen Media Analytics found 68 per cent of Australian shoppers scanned catalogues to find promotions and good deals.

This was a 5 per cent increase from 2021.

“Aussies are feeling the pinch after another turbulent year,” Dean Vocisano, ShopFully’s country manager of Australia, said.

“Our research reveals they’re warier than ever in their spending habits and are taking the time to meticulously plan their shopping lists to streamline purchasing and alleviate increased financial stressors,” he said.

Shoppers are paying more for goods, with Australian consumer prices jumping 2.1 per cent in the first three months of the year.

This marked the biggest quarterly jump since the introduction of the 10 per cent goods and services tax at the start of the century.


Vocisano said shoppers were spending an average of 8.3 minutes per week browsing retailers’ specials.

Younger people were the most avid readers of digital catalogues.

“Interestingly, Gen Z and Millennials are turning to digital catalogues the most, reading them 2.8 and 2.6 times per week, respectively, which dispels any generational stereotypes about consumption and perhaps reflects just how much they’re feeling the effects of the rising cost of living,” Vocisano said.

While Aussies still clearly love their printed catalogues – with Coles attracting backlash in 2020 when it tried to discontinue its printed service – increasing numbers of consumers now look at online catalogues instead.

Aussie consumers spent 15 per cent more time reading digital catalogues over printed formats, with 44 per cent of paper catalogue readers reporting a decrease in usage.

Other ways to save on shopping

There are a number of tactics shoppers can employ to keep their shopping bills down.

In the supermarket, brand switching can save consumers a lot of money, with supermarket-branded products as much as 66 per cent cheaper than the branded alternative.

Other tips include avoiding ’shrinkflation’ by paying attention to unit pricing, and shopping at discount stores to stock up on non-perishable items in bulk.

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