May 19, 2024


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Watch Steve Lacy’s $88,858 Shopping Spree | Shopping Spree

Limited addition, double bubblegum pink vinyl

with gold splashes.

But I found this at a time where I was,

let’s just say, experimenting.

Hello. It’s Steve Lacy. Me, Steve Lacy.

And I’m about to spend some of GQ’s money.

[hip-hop music]

So the first category is very GQ.

We’re gonna take a look at some clothes.

So here we have a Gucci Belted Wool Crepe Jumpsuit

for $3,980.

Inspired by vintage designs,

the wide leg jumpsuit is reminiscent

of the silhouettes popular in the seventies.

I’m trying to find what my pant is right now.

But I don’t think it’s wide,

especially with like wide and flared.

It’s too, it’s too big.

It’s too old school. We need to move this way.

Not that way. We’ve reminisced enough.

Let’s be futuristic now. But I like Gucci.

Okay, we got the Bottega Veneta Vest for $3,700.

This is really nice.

Got the intertwined nylon vest, snap closure,

unlined, beautiful parakeet green, made in Italy.

This is this one’s nice.

We got the Juicy Couture Velour Jogger Suit for $198.

I mean, this is, you know, an iconic design.

We got the Juicy Couture jacket features,

bejeweled monogram, and silver tone zipper pull.

Yeah, it’s cute.

I wouldn’t get this one though, because I hate tapered legs.

Just the cut on this is just not good.

But the sentiment of the Juicy Couture sweatsuit

is hot all day.

But on me? It’s not happening.

My shoulders’ too broad, too, for this jacket.

So here we have the Jean Paul Gaultier

‘The Naked’ Maxi Dress for $680.

Stretch nylon jersey dress,

graphic pattern printed throughout.

And this is a collaboration with Lotta Volkova

who I absolutely adore.

It’s nylon, elastane, made in Italy, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, this is pretty cool. I love this dress.

But I think of all four of them,

I’m gonna have to go with the Bottega Vest.

Yeah. Just the most modular thing of all of these things.

[mellow music]

So the next category is furniture.

So for the first option,

we have Verner Panton’s Living Tower for $25,465.

It is an organically shaped Living Tower furniture sculpture

that was designed by Danish designer Verner Panton in 1969.

I have this at home actually.

For those of you who know me, you know my last album

Apollo 21, this is the piece of furniture

that we shot with and it’s actually at my house in orange.

So I can’t choose this one.

I usually sit just like regular or some friends will do it.

And it’s really fun. My nephews love it.

Like he was just on the top sitting.

It’s really cool.

And so for the next one,

we have the Boomerang Desk for $85,000.

It’s expensive.

Made of fiberglass and metal.

Has three drawers on the right

and one deep file drawer on the left, comes with a key.

This is pretty beautiful, this one.

Okay, the Helioendimio Contemporary Art Bed.

$53,929.51 cents is the price of this one.

It was made in 1987, Italian bed,

Helioendimio designed by Luigi Ontani,

silver and gold leaf finish.

In Helioendimio, beyond the smiling crescent moon,

the radiant sun’s gaze meets the eye of the creator,

who at the same time, is both divine and profane.

That’s, you know, that’s pretty on par to, you know,

how I be talking and shit so that’s pretty cool.

Boxing Glove Armchairs for $42,500 a pair.

Made in Switzerland, leather,

manufactured at seven to one scale.

It’s pretty cool, but probably still gonna go with the bed.

They’re cool, but the fucking bed

is just like out of this world.

I’m going with the Helioendimio Contemporary Art Bed

for $53,929.51.

That’s my choice.

The next category we have here are instruments.

This is a good one. I love instruments.

Yeah, they’re kind of my life.

Okay, Philippe Dubreuille Prince Paisley Guitar

for $34,522.77.

This unique piece took six months to build.

The guitar body is made of real paisley tissue

and finished with varnish.

Wow. Ebony fretboard.

Played by Wendy Melvoin, a guitarist for The Revolution,

love Wendy, on stage at Wembley with Prince in 1990.

That was a weak spot. That’s a cheap spot.

You know, that’s a, you know, it’s Prince.

So it’s definitely interesting.

I mean, I wouldn’t jump to this.

But you know, the Prince shit, you know,

that shit just jumps.

But I like the little gold thing coming out.

But yeah, it’s a funny looking body.

I wouldn’t have designed this.

Wendy, I’ve met her before.

Yeah. I’ve met Wendy before.

I know, you know.

I think it was Anderson.Paak’s.

But Dave Chappelle, Wendy and Lisa.

My tour manager Tina,

she’s like the coolest person in the world.

She knows everybody.

She’s like, Oh, you don’t know them?

Wendy and Lisa, this is Steve.

I’m like, Oh, shit.

This is casual. This is Wendy and Lisa.

I’m like, What’s up?

That’s just crazy. But they are really nice.

Oh, okay. This is funny. [chuckles]

Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Controller for $343.70.

This does not cost that much.

You can get these shits on eBay for like $60.

I mean, I play it in arcades.

Some arcades I go to literally to just play Guitar Hero.

But yeah. They have the arcade game you can buy.

But I’d rather, it’s cheaper, you know, on the console.

If ever I’m in an arcade, that’s what I do.

I find, you know, if they have it and I’m playing.

Just playing with strangers. Just fucking them up.

Cliffs of Dover. That song used to make me so angry.

I would literally like wanna just break it.

But, I just want it though.

I’m just like, I need to know how to play this song.

But yeah, the Cliffs of Dover.

We have a double flute for $475 .

In the key of low D minor,

double flutes were originally made of clay

and used as temple flutes in ancient Mexico.

This is a pretty cool flute, but I’m not Andre 3000.

So I’m gonna pass on this one.

I was playing the trumpet for a second.

I love the trumpet.

Yeah. That’s my favorite horn.

I remember this kid Franklin,

he’s used showed me different scales and stuff.

So I took one home.

He’s like, Just take this.

I’m like, I’m pretty sure this is the school’s.

But he gave it to me as a gift.

So I’m like, I’m gonna keep it. I’ma take it home.


Yeah. Shouts out to Franklin.


And so next we have an antique harp for $30,297.91.

Made in 1914, weighs 81 pounds,

accented with 23-carat hand gilding.

This is pretty beautiful. This is pretty beautiful.

You know, for this one, I’m gonna go with the harp.

If I’m gonna get a Prince guitar,

I’m gonna get one of a design I actually like.

This is just okay.

So the Prince history couldn’t even fool me on that one.

I’m going with the harp. It’s a beautiful instrument.

Carats and laurel accents. And yeah, this is it.

This is in my living room all day.

Let’s look at some records, you guys.

All right, let’s come in strong.

So we got Erykah Badu Baduizm for $323.40.

Mint condition, includes rare hype sticker, still sealed.

It’s a pretty good one. We love Erykah Badu.

Yeah. I mean, I think I grew up

just listening to this in passing.

This is gonna make me sound like a young dude,

but I don’t care.

I feel like my Erykah moment happened

with the New Amerykah Part One and Two.

I feel like that, to me, was like a sonic blueprint

for like what I wanted to do.

Like the synthesizers and and what she did

with real instruments and how she took samples

and like replayed them and her voice.

Yeah. Those are my Erykah albums,

but I love Baduizm as well.

I mean, how can you not?

So here we have one of my favorite bands,

Funkadelic, Maggot Brain for $699.

This is mint condition vinyl, 1971, original press,

rare matrix runout etching variation.

Disc is well kept.

I like this one a lot. That’s rare.

And then Jay-Z I Just Wanna Love U [Give It 2 Me] for $25.

We got the 2000 original Rockefeller records pressing,

original sleeve, first single written

and produced by Pharrell and Chad, the Neptunes.

Oh, Black Moth Super Rainbow. Yeah. Wow.

We got the Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum, $225.

Gatefold sleeve with scratch and sniff front cover.

Wow. That’s pretty cool.

Limited addition, double bubblegum pink vinyl

with gold splashes.

Only a thousand copies were made.

But I found this at a time where I was,

let’s just say, experimenting.

This is pretty cool.

I mean, the scratch of sniff, the gold splashes.

Beautiful. Oof.

It’s definitely between this one and the Parliament record.

I’m gonna have to go with the Funkadelic record.

I think, through time,

that one’s gonna be like the most…

Like Black Moth Super Rainbow’s dope,

but it’s not on the level of icon.

[upbeat music]

Gifts for my boo. Let’s go get some gifts for my boo.

Okay. This Big-ish Box of peonies for $230.

These are beautiful flowers.

Assortment of 50 stems of Oregon-grown peonies

that ship straight to your boo’s doorstep.

Okay. This is funny.

Flaming Hot Cheetos and a napkin poem.

Yeah. Okay. Made with real cheese,

egg-free, peanut-free, shellfish-free,

soy-free, tree nut-free.

Did not know all these frees about Hot Cheetos.

I’d be eating these motherfuckers and I’d be feeling bad,

but this is actually kinda, they’re kind of okay.

Wow. Nice.

Then we have the Lorraine Schwartz 18-carat diamond bracelet

for $41,600.

No. No. Definitely not.

It’s too expensive.

I wouldn’t even buy anything like this for myself.

I can’t get this for the nobody else.

When we have Plush Love Cuffs for $16.95.

But see, that’s not for them. That one’s for us.

So I think one for them,

I’m gonna have to go with the peonies for sure.

That’s a nice one, for $230.

[chill music]

Thank you, GQ, for this wonderful shopping spree.

All my money’s intact.

[chill music]