April 24, 2024


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You’ll soon be able to buy Le Chateau clothing in stores once again and here’s how

It’s been nearly six months since Le Château announced that it was coming back from the dead after filing for bankruptcy protection two years prior, and fans of the iconic Canadian brand will soon be able to purchase its signature eveningwear in stores once again.

The Montreal-based retailer announced Tuesday that the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, featuring dresses, accessories and footwear, would be available online starting April 12. 

Perhaps even more exciting for those Le Château fans who long for that nostaglic, early-aughts shopping experience is the fact that the brand will also soon be for sale in brick-and-mortar stores.

But there won’t be any new Le Château locations popping up in malls near you. Instead, the brand will be available in 37 new concept Suzy Shier locations across Canada beginning April 21.

The new concept stores will feature weekend, workwear and daytime clothes from Suzy Shier while Le Château will cover the eveningwear.

In other words: “Suzy by Day; Le Château by Night.”

Suzy’s Inc. purchased Le Château’s intellectual property after the company filed for creditor protection in 2020 along with many other retailers who were impacted by the pandemic. 

Many fans of the Canadian clothing brand, which had been around since 1959 and was once one of the most popular stores for prom dress shopping, were disappointed by the news.

But anyone who’s been missing the brand’s signature partywear can rejoice, because Le Château is officially back.

“As proud as we are of our online site, we are also delighted to be back in stores,” said Franco Rocchi, senior director of marketing on the new Suzy/Le Château team, in a statement.”The brand was born in brick-and-mortar, and we couldn’t be happier to rejoin the community of retailers in shopping centers across the country.”