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Expert beauty advice for woman in their 40s

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Here on the Telegraph beauty desk, we always try to promote beauty advice that will apply to you, whatever your age. However there are definitely certain ingredients and skincare advice that applies to different stages and ages, as well as some key make-up tricks to make the most of your features in every decade.

We’ve spoken to a few of the leading experts in the industry to help with some bespoke advice for each age group – to make you look and feel like your most beautiful self. This week, we’re deep-diving into your forties. 

The magic trio

The basics for skincare, according to the dermatologist Dr Hiva Fassihi, are sunscreen, retinol and antioxidants (such as vitamin C). But above all, a broad spectrum SPF 50 year-round. The Anthelios SPF 50 Fluid by La Roche Posay, £17.50, is a good bet. If your skin is on

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